Technological nostalgia, isn't quite like what it used to be ...

Defluffing your balls was a pass time
What technology of today do you think will become the nostalgia of tomorrow? As technological futurologist's happily pundit away at tomorrows tech. There are current technical must haves that will eventually become must nots?

How are you doing with your CD-ROM? Can you recall IPX/SPX and even remember what it is. Are you using a Modem (they are still around and in common use) and what about mice - the mass neutering of many years ago rendering them without their little balls.

Some hold onto legacy technology for its dear sake, others let it die. Sometimes it continues to serve an invaluable purpose - long forgotten and replaced in the minds eye of the masses.

What do you recall, what do you still need to teach, what is on its way out and what should remain?


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