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Naming Routers ...

One of the pleasures bestowed when writing assignments and other assessments for any educational establishment is the freedom when designing the scenario. Having worked in a 'closed' institution, I could create any situation and assesses the students. However working for the Open University and other national entities the work I create has considerable reach ... where you are suddenly struck with the reality that anything copyrighted is out of bounds. To solve this, I use real places, stars, planets, mythology etc. Situations that are in the public domain and not subject to any intellectual ownership. The figure below, represents a network I use for one of our ongoing assignments. Do not worry, this version is two years old and a new version has already been created. A West Country Focussed Network At the moment I am using three towns and one city from my part of Somerset - I have used others, these are all quite close to each other. I know t

Random post Brexit thought - will Google honour right to be forgotten ...

In the law of unintended consequences - will those who have applied the right to be forgotten within the jurisdiction of the UK. May suddenly discover post Brexit that their indiscretions or desire for anonymity has been cast asunder as Google revise their search indices and include them. Some of you may at this point be scratching your heads - what is Andrew waffling on about. Not that long ago the EU (or evil empire, if you are uber Brexit) - helped all the nice people of the UK and beyond by imposing a person centred and legally binding edict on Google (as well as other search engines). That if someone wanted to be forgotten - then the search engines would have to overlook any site that references this soul, whenever a search was performed. This isn't the removal of a site, more the removal of the potential to click through on a search when looking for the misdeeds of many souls. While I am of the view that if you wish to hide, then forget it when it comes to the Internet.