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Going on an 'email away day' ...

it has to be done Meetings are wonderful, committees are great, I love them as they are so productive. Before you get up out of your chair and call me - concerned that I may be losing the plot. Most of the time I cannot stand the drudge of meetings - however, they are excellent opportunities for a ... Email away day. Why isn't this a thing - a phrase or a bit of slang. During these meetings I open the laptop, listen in to the conversational drone and work my way through all of those emails I would have otherwise ignored. As well as complete the more piffling of tasks assigned by those 'others'. Do not be disarmed - I would rather do anything else. However, if you intend to trap me in a meeting for a pointless duration. I will diminish my emails. I have sat before writing content and updating social media automation.

Money for old rope and how this offends me ...

If you unsure what old rope looks like, here is a clearly recognisable image - I hope this makes sense. However, we will not be looking at pictures of rope during this post. That is far too exciting. I am instead going to have a wee rant! I cannot describe in sufficient prose, the ire I feel when I encounter educational establishments that have been paying good money for nothing. To access something that is free and in effect pay money for old rope. I would rather offer an opportunity for free and consider the long term reputation and collaborative benefits. Yet, there are those who can only see the short term income. Solely the income and nothing else. Over the weekend I rescued another educational establishment from this trap. Offering them the same level of service for free.