Going on an 'email away day' ...

it has to be done
Meetings are wonderful, committees are great, I love them as they are so productive. Before you get up out of your chair and call me - concerned that I may be losing the plot. Most of the time I cannot stand the drudge of meetings - however, they are excellent opportunities for a ...
Email away day.
Why isn't this a thing - a phrase or a bit of slang. During these meetings I open the laptop, listen in to the conversational drone and work my way through all of those emails I would have otherwise ignored. As well as complete the more piffling of tasks assigned by those 'others'.

Do not be disarmed - I would rather do anything else. However, if you intend to trap me in a meeting for a pointless duration. I will diminish my emails. I have sat before writing content and updating social media automation.


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