Slow are the wheels that maketh the #Linux NAL ...

The wheels at my university are renowned for being slow and cumbersome. However, getting a simple prepackaged course from a 3rd party with no rights issues out there has been nothing short of escargot'esqe.

As of the 1st of May 2017 - we have our first Linux NAL - following the model of the relevant knowledge courses that once occupied the students of the Open University. Offering Linux is not a new notion - having offered for three years a short course in Linux that was at the time ahead of most in reaching a distance learning population. In this short time, we engaged with over 2400 students giving them all a taste of Linux.

Now, with the maturity of HTML5 and some considerable insight from NDG and LPI in collaboration with Cisco Systems. We are able to offer a fully remote Linux experience. With the Linux operating system running as a web browser based cloud instance.

Our first presentation of this course will have all the hallmarks of a discovery experience - while running as a fully fledged experience. Having tried out the course on another university - one had the pleasure of making the real mistakes elsewhere. Come October 2017 - we will have this little delight in full swing.


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