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Using Facebook Live seems to be a good thing ...

For those who are not yet initiated in the project we are working on ... we are 'attempting' to teach over 1000 teachers Cisco (CCNA1) Introduction to Networking. En masse at scale via distance learning so that they can then apply this to their own teaching. We anticipated 100, expecting 200 - however 1000+ was somewhat unexpected. Our plan to use our webex account required reconsideration. Especially as many were now in a situation that they would probably struggle to connect due to local 'school security' constraints. So ... time for a rethink and explore the experiences of our social media live casting research . Lets use Facebook Live (FBL), create a community page and focus efforts on using an external easy to use medium. As luck would have it - we had just discovered how to connect open broadcast studio to FBL. The plan was simple - the teachers covered a single chapter of content per week. A the start of the week - we offered a live screencast lecture/