Using Facebook Live seems to be a good thing ...

For those who are not yet initiated in the project we are working on ... we are 'attempting' to teach over 1000 teachers Cisco (CCNA1) Introduction to Networking. En masse at scale via distance learning so that they can then apply this to their own teaching.

We anticipated 100, expecting 200 - however 1000+ was somewhat unexpected. Our plan to use our webex account required reconsideration. Especially as many were now in a situation that they would probably struggle to connect due to local 'school security' constraints.

So ... time for a rethink and explore the experiences of our social media live casting research. Lets use Facebook Live (FBL), create a community page and focus efforts on using an external easy to use medium. As luck would have it - we had just discovered how to connect open broadcast studio to FBL.

The plan was simple - the teachers covered a single chapter of content per week. A the start of the week - we offered a live screencast lecture/demo focussing on the content of that week. Simplicity is paramount, ensuring that we created a easy to understand programme with so many participants unused to distance learning was essential.

At this stage we have now passed the 1/2 way marker - time for some analysis regarding the mood/mind of our community of teachers. Many questions were asked, however the two regarding the FBL sessions captured our attention.

We polled the 1000 and had 121 responses. When asked about the usefulness of FBL - we saw the following ...

Over 70 gave us a 4 or 5 for usefulness - even the 'middle of the road' cohort on 3 still pushed us to 87% preference. Does this mean that all of them watched them (or not), with this in mind, we asked the next question.

So nearly everyone is watching them ... only 3.3% have never watched a session. 6.6% watched the live sessions only. Yet everyone else is sitting in the domain of mixing the recordings with live or only watching the sessions asynchronously.

Often is a subjective term and personally applicable - with over seven sessions delivered. We will assume until otherwise contradicted that they have seen in excess of 50%.

Our analysis will continue ... we still have much to discover and more mistakes to make. Overall I feel that we took a risk which has been rewarding and already exploring how we may offer this again.


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