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Look back in ....

Took a look at some of my old blog entries, I can see that the main incentive to start blogging was not a desire to vent ones spleen. Whilst many of my entries have often been cryptic attempts, I realize that my original motivation was the desperate promotion of a module that was likely to fail. Well the module is a success and that is a story often told. Meanwhile, the blogs entries, whilst less frequent still come through, over the last week a couple of events have certainly stoked my ire. But these must wait, partly for ire to subside also partly for me to consider what I think the best action is. These days, I try to be less reactionary, most of the time this works, but I must admit, the last 48 hours, something has provoked some very old characteristics, which may yet win. Sigh, I do want to escape past working experiences, but it seems that some just cannot help themselves.

Position Vacant ... Inheritor of Vision :::

No this is not some megalomaniac delusional ideal, one is far too busy for that, nor am I suddenly going to pack anything in over the next day, week, month or year. But, I am on the look out for inheritors of a vision, a desire to see to the improvement of IT education in the UK. Its a thankless task, you will encounter many fools and get little recognition. If you are a sideways thinker and enjoy breaking rules, then you may find this will work for you. There are rewards, but you need the imagination to see what they may be. Applications are not by any normal process, it will be totally obvious, if you are eligible.

The collective tutting sound of the British masses ....

If the last 72 hours is anything to go by, social media is now showing and sharing not only the controversy of the events in London (and around the UK), but also the collective disgust and tutting sounds of the British masses. For my many friends who live around the world, we are annoyed, the trouble is, when a Brit becomes annoyed there tends to be resolve. So, I am sure we will see some more events, and hear over egged media reports of idiots taking the opportunity to spread the action. The original issue has long evaporated and even with the underlying issues of our time, there are many who feel that this has become more of an opportunistic event rather than a political statement. Lets face it, if you are dissatisfied with the economic climate and wish to protest, do so, but looting shops for mobile phones and flat screen TV’s does not cut it with me. With two teenagers, one at home, still of school age the other working hard in an apprenticeship to work themselves up the ca