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Lost in France ...

Hi, sitting in a bar at the moment, french music playing, there is a casino and daughter is on the roulette, Son and Wife on the Blackjack. Panic not, we don't gamble, its a family event at the resort we are staying at, anyone can play etc, Probably wont make another contribution to this blog for another week, but reading my email tonight, has given much to blog on. It does amuse me, what people will email and the viewpoint they have when sending it. Never mind, it could be worse.

Time ...

When orbs are aloft and the spheres are in the air, For balancing acts, please come, do stare. If you want to see a trick, you like a quick treat, Then enjoy the delight before you, its a temporal feat. Juggling life, balancing plates, spinning yarns, time never waits, Bouncing balls, doing tricks, having turns, no one learns. Time marches away, it never stops, entropic decay, as the universe fades away, Mortal man, no control have you, time rules as does relativity over fools. Merely a random moment.

Free swimming being axed for children, please retweet

Have just learnt that our new coalition government is to axe free swimming for children and over 60's. Whilst i have not been a particular fan of the previous labour government for some considerable time, i have to be fair and declare that i felt this was one of their better decisions. From the end of July, the current government will axe this resource. Taking it from my biased perspective, my daughter has taken great pleasure in this opportunity, improving her fitness,, swimming skill and self confidence. It has encouraged her to swim more and i can see that other children and families have been doing the same with increased use of the local pool evenings and weekends. We have been as a nation concerned for some time about the health of our younger generation, this albeit small contribution by the government was a reasonable endeavour. So, what am i going to do, and what could you do, apart from lobby you local MP, i suggest we all go to the local swimming pool and use it with gus

Owning the vision

I am sure this affects many who read this, I have a playback mind, where conversations I have had, usually with considered and thoughtful individuals are mentally revisited (often multiple times). Having recently had the pleasure of such a conversation, my mind is awash with both stimulating ideas and considered review of some of the facts I have learnt. The ideas will evolve, where my hope is they will take flight in time. But for the considered review of the facts, my thoughts are deeper and concerned. Looking at the behaviour of humans in large organisations interests me, as i see the same attitudes replicated in different organisational types and across different cultural communities and nations. If anything, it reinforces the view that we are all so much alike, in spite of any outward or patriotic appearance. Not that this is a good thing, more it is a mark of inevitability that no matter what enterprising endeavour takes place it becomes lost in the system that is the system itse

Trust ... Or mistrust

Reading this article on the BBC website ... In summary, it claims that the technology described could be used to administer a fair and valid assessment in the privacy of the home. As soon as I read this my first thought was the assumption that the examined individual will not have access to a mobile phone or laptop with internet access and that these cant be used in silence (my iPad [yes the bright shiny toy] can be used in complete silence). Unless the webcam can see the keyboard area as well as simply beyond the candidates face, I personally doubt this system can be 100% fool proof unless the technology changes or the candidate has a personal proctor present who is entirely independent of the process.

Airports don't you love em ... Not!!!!

Currently sitting in another airport writing this blog, whilst I could consider myself more fortunate that I travel for business a few times a year. I can pity those having to exist in the eternal agony of a lifestyle of airport terminals. For what was once considered glamourous occupation, air travel and become for all intent a mindless drudge, with each airport a banal replication of the other. Having become conditioned to this mode of travel, one has learnt how to travel light, how to get through each security check unimpeded and what is required to ensure Internet connectivity. So if anyone considers making the mistake of making jealous noises when i tell them where i am off to next, i hope they are equally envious of the airport experience at either end (this i doubt). - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location: Jubilee Rd,Ingliston,United Kingdom

Its a numbers game ...

Typical of many in the ‘western’ world, we are currently watching our food intake, where on medical advice a member of the Smith household has to watch closely their dietary fat intake. In this quest, many accomplishments have already been made in the last two months and the diet is working very well with some excellent culinary choices. This blog entry is not about these successes but the challenge of getting the right information from the manufacturers on the fat content in their foods. Whilst we are not inclined towards processed food, there is still a surprising amount that you buy where you have to be sure that the levels are appropriate. The magic number is 4g per 100g, or 4%, a little variation (5% for example) is reasonable, but you need to be strict for the diet to work, and working it is. Therefore a studious review of products is required and what is required/desired that fits the percentage requirement is purchased. In the UK over the last few years, there has bee

Apple Computers ... a note of thanks

Many who are reading this, know what an Apple fanboy i am, this is not a gush or eulogy about their technology, but a genuine compliment to their Milton Keynes store manager who was very reasonable in responding to a financial error on the part of Apple. Like all tales, we have to wind back to eight days prior to this blog post, when at 7am Shirley (my wife) and I were happily queuing for bright shiny new iPad. Having the phone, two mac book pros from work, iPod in touch and shuffle, the fanboy was getting a new toy courtesy of Shirley [insert big smile]. The queuing was reasonable, well managed and supplied with free coffee and muffin courtesy of Apple. All good. Once in the shop, service was courteous and well organised, toy and additional bits acquired. All was going well until we used the card to pay when the card reader decided to have a fit at the end of the transaction. After an hour of trying to recover the payment in the hubbub of numerous customers wanting nice bright shiny i

Blogging on the move

Just playing with iPad (read toy) on train on move, this will become less impressive with time. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location: Carlton Rd,Harpenden,United Kingdom

It's dull, dull, dull

Listening to a presentation at the moment, from someone in a nationally influential position who could and should review their public presentation skills. They are reading from their slides and supplying us with long pauses. Hmmmmmm - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location: East Ln,Walton,United Kingdom