Free swimming being axed for children, please retweet

Have just learnt that our new coalition government is to axe free swimming for children and over 60's. Whilst i have not been a particular fan of the previous labour government for some considerable time, i have to be fair and declare that i felt this was one of their better decisions.

From the end of July, the current government will axe this resource.

Taking it from my biased perspective, my daughter has taken great pleasure in this opportunity, improving her fitness,, swimming skill and self confidence. It has encouraged her to swim more and i can see that other children and families have been doing the same with increased use of the local pool evenings and weekends.

We have been as a nation concerned for some time about the health of our younger generation, this albeit small contribution by the government was a reasonable endeavour.

So, what am i going to do, and what could you do, apart from lobby you local MP, i suggest we all go to the local swimming pool and use it with gusto until the deadline. Take your children, or those of others (it may be wise to ask first) and make full use of this opportunity.

Whilst we have a considerable financial deficit, which i agree must be axed, to penalise our youth for our mistakes, is unreasonable. The deficit the loss of this resource is potentially more damaging than the fiscal issues we have as a nation.

I am already a member of the local swimming pool, so my daughter and I will be pleased to protest and use the pool as many times as feasibly possible, before the deadline. We will continue to swim this afterwards, but i cannot speak for everyone for whom this cost may be potentially limiting.

Andrew Smith

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  1. Well as a retired NHS worker I won't be swimming after the end of July no way I can afford the £4 per session our local pool charges. I think that this could well lead to pools being closed at sometimes of the day as frequently when I go the main group of swimmers are Seniors and that could lead to pool attendants being laid off more so adding to high unemployment and loss of tax revenue. What next bus passes for the over 60s.


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