Apple Computers ... a note of thanks

Many who are reading this, know what an Apple fanboy i am, this is not a gush or eulogy about their technology, but a genuine compliment to their Milton Keynes store manager who was very reasonable in responding to a financial error on the part of Apple.

Like all tales, we have to wind back to eight days prior to this blog post, when at 7am Shirley (my wife) and I were happily queuing for bright shiny new iPad. Having the phone, two mac book pros from work, iPod in touch and shuffle, the fanboy was getting a new toy courtesy of Shirley [insert big smile].

The queuing was reasonable, well managed and supplied with free coffee and muffin courtesy of Apple. All good.

Once in the shop, service was courteous and well organised, toy and additional bits acquired. All was going well until we used the card to pay when the card reader decided to have a fit at the end of the transaction.

After an hour of trying to recover the payment in the hubbub of numerous customers wanting nice bright shiny iPads, we were assured that the errant transaction was cancelled, with number for reference. So, we were happy to wave card at another machine and exit shop with the pretty iPad.

All was well, at least that was what we believed. Later the following week, doing the check of the finances online, I could see that the account balance (what i could spend vs what was actually in the account was awry by exactly the same amount as the cost of the pretty iPad, but i could also see that the Apple Store transaction was completed and out of my account.

On checking with my bank, they confirmed that there was another transaction still in limbo with Apple.

As the payment was from a joint account, but using Shirley's card, she had the mission (not impossible) to resolve the problem with Apple.

Now at this point, one has to acknowledge the adept nature of Shirley, when a retailer fails, it is not wise to challenge her. Nevertheless, calm, collected, courteous and determined Shirley set about phoning the store. Having managed to get past the sale assistants (concierges in applespeak), Shirley finally managed to express her dissatisfaction to the manager and how she was duly unimpressed at how Apple was holding onto twice the price she paid in good faith.

After a little wrangling, verbal foot shuffling and the like, I freely admit that I was impressed with the next stage. With a date sorted when the money will return to our account (money is back, one has checked). The manager of the Milton Keynes store offered any iPad accessory for free as an apology for the inconvenience caused by technology in an Apple store [this is my rendition, but lets say that it is a fair paraphrase].

So today, after visiting Apple store, i am now in the possession of a very nice iPad keyboard dock, which i am using to type this blog entry.

In completion of this post, i am still an apple fanboy, one who is very impressed at the outcome of what could have been a very emotional customer service issue. I cannot speak for Apple Computers as a whole, but i can say there is one manager in their Milton Keynes store who understands problem resolution and apologising to the customer.

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  1. I bought my MacBook Pro from there. I agree that the manager of that store knows how to treat customers. Glad you got the cash back without too much hassle!

  2. I can now say that I definitely do not know you Mr Smith. You an Apple fan! Maybe this comes from the fact that I have never been tempted by Apple products. Not appealing at all.
    Gani Nashi


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