Owning the vision

I am sure this affects many who read this, I have a playback mind, where conversations I have had, usually with considered and thoughtful individuals are mentally revisited (often multiple times).

Having recently had the pleasure of such a conversation, my mind is awash with both stimulating ideas and considered review of some of the facts I have learnt.

The ideas will evolve, where my hope is they will take flight in time.

But for the considered review of the facts, my thoughts are deeper and concerned.

Looking at the behaviour of humans in large organisations interests me, as i see the same attitudes replicated in different organisational types and across different cultural communities and nations.

If anything, it reinforces the view that we are all so much alike, in spite of any outward or patriotic appearance.

Not that this is a good thing, more it is a mark of inevitability that no matter what enterprising endeavour takes place it becomes lost in the system that is the system itself.

So my thoughts will continue, as i am sure the subversive in me, does enjoy.

Watch this space.

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