FFS it is the season of the mindless lists (again) ...

Without fail - once the seasonal silliness of chrismastide wains, we get to endure:

  • News items that compile the best/worst of the year past
  • Lists, more bloody effing lists of stuff that they wish to foist upon our already fact addled brains.

Top #5, #10, #25, or #100 dull things that have happen in the year whatever that you never gave a flip about then and less so now. I am aware that our collective memories have now been reduced to a thimble sized consciousness. Where the news media machines rely on either lists, retrospectives or natural disasters to fill their otherwise void hype machines.

What has been the list that has tickled you most - would you compile your own? Even better, should we introduce a top ten list of annual lists.


By the way this is my last entry for 2015. More coming in 2016.


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