Dear Interweb, thank you for saving me from the shops ...

Interweb, I cannot thank you enough - after clearing a large portion of my garage yesterday from the oversized packages. Also having added a fair old whack to global warming via the carbon emissions of various white vans. I have been saved from many hours mindless drudge - having to visit those temples of mammon, also known as shops.

Using the comfort of my own tech, I have been avoiding this experience from years. From the early days of Tesco Online to Amazon Prime amongst others. Either getting it delivered to home as well as being ordered for collection from a couple of retailers.

This now seems to be the experience for the entire Family Smith - with some having a little more of a casual browse than others. Having gotten into the habit of doing most of our shopping by November - with a trickle over December - this is the way that it should be.

Thank you Interweb, a happy shopping hater I can be.


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