Great time at #SocMedHE15 by @SocMedHE- bring on more

For the uninitiated, SocMedHE is a Social Media Conference run by Sheffield Hallam you can read more here. Having managed to get a paper in on Periscope I have to share my views on this conference.

Opening with a great keynote by EricStoller the tone from the outset was ideas, opportunity and innovation in social media. With such a packed schedule, getting around to all of them in one day was nigh impossible. They managed to cram the content of at least two days into this short space.

Personally finding the workshop on Google+ Communities, work on different student communities using facebook and twitter as well as the thundercloud sessions (or was it thunderclap?). I came away from many interesting conversations some new ideas and potential 'professional' friends.

My only critique is the timing, Friday before the Christmas break along with the notion that the event could have been better spread. However, horses=courses and the event was incredibly efficient.

So, to the chaps at SocMedHE - please do this again - I am game on.


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