Getting upset about new words ...

Lets tweet a selfie with an emoji sticker?

Did this make sense to you, yes/no/CGAF*?

Every year at this time of the year we have naval gazing churnalisim regurgitating the news and events of the last twelve months - ranking, rating and debating.

Its boring - in the same vein the analysis always moves to words that have entered our collective vocabulary. A couple years ago, tantrums were had over selfie, now it seems that emoji will enjoy a similar spotlight.

Grumpy arses get excited that language is on the decline and others are excited at this new addition. Language evolves, it is natural otherwise we will be caught in lost times. Consider:
  • artigrapher - a lost word for a grammar expert
  • fallaciloquence - a form of lying and deceitful communication - 
  • maleolent - wiffy, stinky a bit of a pong
You could still use the above, others may consider you a bit of a ponce. For those of us in our adulthood, what words made sense in our youth that you would no longer use (or abuse).

*CGAF means - Couldn't give a f**k, I voted yes and CGAF.


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