Setting up my @Raspberry_Pi #Zero ...

My Pi Zero
I was one of the lucky souls to get a Raspberry Pi Zero on the day they hit the market. Sadly the joys of work and life meant that I did not have any time until nearer Christmas to open it up and set it up. Partly driven by a need to complete some university work around a new Linux course - where I believe it would be worthwhile to add a byline on all things Pi and also for my own technical satisfaction.

First, it is worth getting the kit from PiHut - the preloaded SD card and adapters made life easier.

You must make sure that you have -

  • A micro-USB power source
  • A MicroHDMI to HDMI adapter
  • A HDMI cable
  • A male microUSB to female USB Adapter
  • A USB hub (I used a powered version)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • MicroSD card
  • WiFi Dongle (optional but essential)

Setting up was part doddle, part ask the audience.

Once all the bits are plugged in, it boots up and gives you a choice of installing either Raspbian or the OpenELEC media centre. It was a no brainer - I checked that Raspbian box and went off into happy geek land.

I have not included images of the installation process as they are pretty boring.

Once installed - it is up and running - with the WiFi adapter attached it is running. It detected the WiFi - would find my Wireless Network but would not create a route to the default gateway or load any DNS settings.

However, fret not - my superhero friend Kevin Large gave me a config to add to one of the .conf files. Your WiFi may attached, however, now each time I reboot, I have some nice core code doing the work for me.

Next mission - is to create a project - suggestions are welcome, I am thinking around listening tech.


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