Email Grenade and within 36 hours payment comes ...

We have the privilege of having Cisco experts willing to work with us at very reasonable rates and support struggling academies. Helping them with their expertise as well as ensure in many cases that they are able to get back on their feet and operate as functional members of the Cisco community.

The model agreed, means that they do not charge much, settling on a reasonable annual remuneration. Sadly chasing a couple of educational centres since September meant that one soul was getting to give support for no return.

Fed up and getting a request yesterday for some additional help - followed by a little research on the email conversations that had taken place. I decided with my consultant partners agreement to send a little ... email grenade.

Within a few hours, you could hear the tighten sphincters as the imminent promise of disconnection from our ASC and a simple explanation of the impact focussed their mind.

Suddenly and within 36 hours of the original email, three months and 17 days (more or less) since the original invoice the money appears in my dear consultants bank account. Great Christmas news yes, also bloody annoying.

There was no discourtesy, we are happy to help. But, if there is no action, we will do X by date Y.


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