Facebook wall posts, privacy settings and the Birthday dilemma ...

I do not allow posting by anyone to my wall - even my mum. Not that there is anything wrong with what my mother is likely to post. The practical fact is, as facebook users we can either set wall posts to 'only me' or 'friends'. It would be nice if there was a simple way to create a trusted 'wall posters' group.

Early on in my facebook experiences I found that people who I call friends, enjoy their company and personal association are not necessarily trustworthy when it came to managing the sanctity of my social media presence.

Although I am robust, willing to push many social media frayed edges - there are places I will not go, yet they can happily plonk stuff on my wall for others to see. Your ethics and mine are not always the same - no matter what you may think.

Then comes my Birthday - when Facebook tells everyone that I am a year older. There was a time, when this was not the case. I have checked, you can easily edit settings to stop everyone from seeing your birthday, then I have another dilemma - am I being a miserable git?

What is socially acceptable? - When I have it set as public data for my friends - many seem to be genuine in their best wishes etc. If my wall isn't unlocked, I either get messages or tagged so the problem does not go away. I could be a curmudgeon - yet it would not seem right.

What I would like, is a option that allows my wall to become active for only my birthday - in relation to the timezones of all who know me.


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