Great experience doing a Twitter/Periscope chat for @A_L_T via #altchat ...

That was fun and it is an experience worth repeating. Today, pushing the boundaries of social media a micron forward I conducted a twitter chat using #Periscope. For the technologically naive, periscope, owned by Twitter is a social media live video streaming app which can be used on iPhones and Android devices alike.

The focus of my twitter chat was to share my work on teaching by twitter (see below), a personal paradigm where one leaks content onto different social media platforms in sync with taught content.

In recent months I have extended this by using Pericope to reach a live audience, teaching micro topics of no more than ten minutes in length. Kicking off at 10:55 for an 11:00 start, the conversation soon took on a life of its own.
Rather than replying to tweets via twitter, I scoped the entire session. Responding to queries via scope and twitter via scope alone. As well as retweeting anything of value from the community
Sharing some practical experiences, how I have been running the experiment and handling the questions. The conversation lasted the 30 minutes with no difficulties.

With 167 live participants and 6 having watched the recording, this was a worthwhile event - something I would commend to colleagues, teachers and other academics alike.


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