What colour would you like it ... @CostaCoffee :

Remaining fair, its not an issue specific to one coffee chain. But having a local Costa and preferring this variety of coffee over that of another chain. One tends to form an opinion about what good coffee should be and how it must be served.

So, here is a question, if I ask for black coffee ... why do some of your baristas ask me if I want milk?

There is white coffee and there is black coffee, if I want coffee with milk I will ask. But its black, not pink, blue or flipping yellow, just plain lovely glorious tasty black.

Today was sadly one of those moments, "would you like milk sir?' ... "um no, I did say black!". I can express various levels of sarcasm, its not the lowest form of wit, as sadly you have to apply more brain to your sarcastic output.

With all of this in mind ... why can't baristas everywhere ask if those who want white coffee, wish to have it black ... the response will soon teach them that those of us who like the full flavour of coffee would rather avoid the addition of cow juice.


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