Silly people not understanding the googlesphere ...

Sadly these tales are never unique, but tell us how many often know so little of how the Googlesphere works. Out there the interweb search engines ply their trade, with Google being the most dominant solution. They accomplish their worth by being both independent and arbitrary. Having their own secret potions to decide on what is the best, top hit based on a search term you may use.

Subtle is the art, that nation, region, IP address, who you are logged into all contribute to the results delivered. As well as mining what is currently the most popular, site/page/result for that term. So if you work for an organisation that shares its name with others, unless you are imaginative, you are doomed to discover that other hits will come above your organisation in any search.

Now couple this with the dark art of the SEO soothsayers, who in my view many may as well shake sticks with feathers at a computer screen. For the value they offer the process of interweb presence. There are 'tings' you need to do, but, if I shared my view, would it make me an equal to this shaman horde.

Soooo ... to a college out there, who has the same name as a theatre, an actress and a construction company ... get real. You MUST work on developing your interweb persona. You may have a local reputation and known in the 'industry', but to most of the planet, most people asks who you are.


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