Ejecting utterances ...

How often should one eject an utterance into the realms of social media?

Having tried, daily, twice, three times and four on automation. I cannot say what the best number is, but appreciate that there is a need to avoid 'stressing out' the followers. One key area, of personal preference is that so far the 99% majority of messages have been unique when it comes to OUCisco.

With Teraknor, I bleat one automated message a day. Which I note with some historical amusement has confused a couple of souls in the past who were under the illusion that I was away on my travels. This originated from a notion that in this regard I could be seen to be partially active, when I have nothing to say via my blog.

Over time I have collected various witty observations. Which when generated last for around 90-120 days. I have noted that each time, different souls respond to each of the repeated comments. Showing that engagement with social media is never a uniform affair.


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