Some cunning tricks to get your babble out there ...

So far, I have babbled on about blogging and reach, but sometimes you have to think about how you could increase your reach for some of your posts.

What I have discovered is by no means definitive, I am sure you could add via your comments other ideas.

If you are linking your blog to your twitter output, the words you use in your title are the most meaningful. You can use hashtags and should where possible @mention other twitter users.

Now you enter a new game, you may get a retweet, favourite or be picked up by others via the hashtag you use. I have occasionally attempted this and have had mixed results, but occasionally I get it right and see more hits on the post in question.

Naturally if you are trying to become an academic blogger, hash tagging or mentioning Lady GaGa may not be the right move for you. More as a personal feeling, don't overdo this, it is desperate and has the potential to disengage as many as you may engage.

Try a relevance test, the chances are that if what ever you are saying is current, relevant and could be of interest to the community you are hash tagging and the soul you have mentioned. You may get that additional reach you are striving for.


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