Self deceit ... or is it conceit

Just had a very interesting email from a quality nominee of a large college. As there are over 400 further education colleges; I am sure vague details will leave you guessing. Recently I had to intervene in a dispute between themselves and one of my standards verifiers.

After reviewing the standard verifiers report; I concurred and agreed that the block should stand, seeing that the two points upon which a block could be imposed were valid. As it only needs any one of these two to have been blocked in the first instance.

So, a bit up themselves, the quality nominee decided to go on the attack. Pulling the report apart, but missing the points that the standards verifier shared with them. Because there was a couple of typos, the nominee tried to use this as leverage.

Seeing that we were never going to be on a winner with this college and recognising that the situation was 9/10ths in the favour of the standards verifier. I decided to take over the verification. Mainly to protect the standards verifier as well as to jump into the fray.

Chatting to a member of the teaching staff, it was clear that this was a culture of confusion. With the centre incapable of supporting its LIV's.

So, nerves calmed, conversation had and within 7 days the sample, fixed and meeting the standards.

But the poor churlish quality nominee could not help themselves. Seeing my positive feedback in a report that I back up the standards verifier. They had to have a pop. Sad really, their card was marked a couple of weeks ago, now they are in my long term memory.


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