Academic asides to participating in @ConversationUK and @ConversationEDU

I have been blogging for some considerable time. By my reckoning I have been 'at it' for over eight years, but taking it seriously for the last four.

The readership has been variable, in the early days reaching around 1000 readers a month. More often reaching 2.5 to 3 thousand each month over the time I have been active.

Like all communication mediums, it varies; some months doing well others not so. But, what I have observed in being an active collaborator on The Conversation is the recent surge from what was a doldrum time during Jan/Feb of this year.

Writing for The Conversation means that I can republish (my own work) on my blog, so in an indirect way I am benefiting from a collaboration that offers me a capable editor in Laura Hood. Via The Conversation, my hit rate is very impressive. Via my blog, this is enhancing my reach.

I note that this is also increasing my reach via Twitter, getting many RTs, faves and some new follows.

So, when asked what the benefit is, when participating, I think that you do have to reuse what you offer to increase your internet presence. Which it does seem to be having an effect.


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