Getting your drivel out there ...

Recently I posted on (semi) academic blogging. A discussion on delivering your wisdom into the blogosphere. Once you have started generating your pithy wisdom (or drivel, I am sure that I have written plenty). You need to leverage your reach. Not a particular lover of those SEO and Marketing terms; the reality is that you need to link your posts to one or many social media platforms of choice.

Which one should I use, I hear you ask. Really!!! The choice is yours, you are a sentient biped, you have to make the decision. What I can share is what I do and why?

I have two personas on the interweb, me, as in Teraknor, and as 'Open University Cisco' (or OUCisco).

As you may have guessed, I used both differently.

When I blog, I immediately distribute my output to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Mindful of the times when I write some of my utterances. I do use the platforms scheduling tool to maximise the potential reach. 

I do tweet, this is separate, I do also write posts on facebook, this is also separate. But my blog reaches all audiences. 

There are many tools out there, I use some platform embedded tools, I also use Twitterfeed, Bitly and IFTTT (i am sure you can use Google to find these). All help distribute my blog to the many readers I have.

Now its worth noting that different audiences engage at different times, whilst I have plenty of UK readers, I note that other nations do read my posts.

Getting the timing right is a matter of trial, you will soon discover what works. In my opinion there is no model that works for all. I do note that from 4pm GMT works better for the UK and after 11pm seems to reach a wider audience elsewhere.

At the moment I do not repost blog entries, but noting how one popular educational blogger is doing their thing. This is something I will consider. There are a small number of posts I would like to occasionally share again.


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