UK+USA are connected @CiscoNetAcad @openuniversity ...

At the time of posting this blog entry, I have the first UK Packet Tracer Relay core connected to the first USA Packet Tracer Relay core and two separate clients attached to each pinging each other on an endless loop.

Whilst the IP addresses are entirely simulated, you can see from the above image, that we can move simulated traffic from my home in Bedfordshire, via the server in Milton Keynes, via the Internet to Cisco Systems, which is then relaying the traffic back to another local client in Bedfordshire.

The above figure, shows the simulated route, I am on, and sending traffic, the client for is connected to the UK and the client for is connected to the USA. Naturally these are not real addresses, ones I am using in this simulated world.

There is also a NAT client set up to handle the notion of a standard student client behind a DHCP address that we are able to issue.

This I have already simulated as well, as can be seen below.

Yes there is loads more to be accomplished and this in my view is only the toddler steps of this project. But the best ones so far.


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