Moving forward with our simulated interweb thingy ...

So, great meeting today online with my counterpart in Cisco Systems, you all must meet Brad sometime.

Now for the next stage and how we unroll this.

  • I need to get my end onto a server, Brad will do the same for his side of the pond.
  • We have some 11+ volunteers, so I need to think how we frame a couple of short activities.
  • I need to stop and think about how my core/mesh will work. I have ideas, but need to have a system of recording how connection A links to B.

As an aside, if a core connection goes down, the active side needs to have an exApp that announces this. Not a flappy connection, one that is down and stays this way.

My box at work needs to have a external IP address allocated to it and a range of ports opened to the real world as well as a domain name.

Suppose that its time to formulate an internal request, wish me luck.


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