Swan Song of a Quasi Quango ...

Are we in the swan song of a quasi QUANGO, are they looking at new areas to assure survival. I cannot help myself but wonder and watch with interest.

At a recent meeting I first heard of a new NOS, (national occupational standards). The NOS, is a framework which other frameworks for qualifications and competence reference. When one creates a nationally recognised qualification in basket weaving, the Basket Makers sector skills council present a NOS in ‘being a basket case’ showing what skills are applicable at what level.

Taking the basket case skillset further, if you are level one, you are an operative, you can do stuff, think occasionally, carry-out routine tasks. Whereas at level three and above you are now more advanced, could supervise others being basket cases or have perfected the art of being an advanced practitioner.

So, sounds a good idea, if it was effective yes, if the NOS reflected salient realities and other bodies took heed then all is good. Yet this quasi QUANGO, seriously struggling in the current educational landscape is desperate to get involved years too late in an interesting area, which has been covered in a far better way by many vendors and government agencies.

I would suggest that have a peek at some of the sector skills councils out there; there is one that is busying itself with the notion of sticking its oar into an emergent profession that has been around for 10+ years.


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