So if you could build a simulated internet ...

And what if we have done this?

Ok, maybe this is a brag too far and lets face it, being a Cisco Instructor means that we are all happy to have a little boast on occasion.
Hidden away, there has been some work on the creation of a Simulated Internet on the Internet (IoI) using (and abusing) some of the MultiUser (MU) features of Packet Tracer.
As many of you are undoubtedly aware, nice shiny Cisco Kit costs nice shiny pebbles and shiny pebbles are not always in abundance. We want to use kit, we need the kit and we are all agreed that the kit is still the most important part of teaching skills within any Cisco course.
Yet even with the best kit, we lack the scale that we would like, most students are lucky if they can get their hands on three routers in class, often having to share this with class mates. Lacking the complexity of any 'real network' and scale of a system such as the Internet, live equipment based on the nature of cost (and space) has its limits.
Simulation, is only as good as the software, Packet Tracer may have some limitations in terms of commands, technologies and protocols. Yet through MU it has scale, theoretically infinite scale.
At this stage we have build a simple structure that could include many participants, the idea is to create a controlled deployment where we have different networks join/leave the system over a selected period of time.
We will be asking for volunteers (this could be you). The idea is that you (and your students) could join a large complex system beyond the normal bounds of a normal in class network and gain valuable learning experiences from this.
If you are interested, please do get in touch via ptrelay<.±.>, it is unlikely that we will have anything running until Q2, but would like to see who has an interest in joining our venture.


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