An Angstrom of Imagination ...

Sometimes when I meet representatives from different educational establishments I try and mentally measure their imagination. Lacking a standard measure for their lack; I have often resorted to using Angstroms, used to measure atoms I feel that this molecular level of measurement gives some indication of the dearth and drear I have to deal with.

When asking about their IT provision, I cry out for somewhere that actually teaches this subject beyond the mundane of business/user information technology. I am desperate to see places that engage in either programming or networking. I know this is a tall order for many educators, their Angstrom count is too low approaching zero in most cases.

Take the time to look around and think about how many Angstroms are being used where you work. Please feel free to self apply, I find often myself wanting. If you are not teaching the sort of computing that will set our youngsters apart from other nations, then what are we doing?

In fact what are you doing?


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