The unusual thus far ...

Many who read this are aware that my family and I are omnivores extraordinary ... we will consume many interesting and different foods exploring different tastes and textures.

Over the many years we have tried many different things, some more unusual than others. In some cultures, these are more acceptable, in others less so, for us we care little. What you do need to understand is that many of these foods are easy to acquire in the UK if you have the will to find them.

I do not claim be a gourmand, merely someone who is willing to eat different food.

So the list thus far* ...

  1. Sheep Head (Morroco)
  2. Sheeps Brain (Morroco)
  3. Rattlesnake (USA)
  4. Alligator
  5. Crocodile
  6. Zebra
  7. Horse (yes knowingly)
  8. Kangaroo 
  9. Squirrel 
  10. Bat
  11. Grouper (Mexico)
  12. Hare
  13. Venison (Surprising how many in the UK have not eaten this)
  14. Shark (UK and Trinidad)
  15. Goat
  16. Duck Tongue
  17. Pheasant
  18. Grouse
  19. Poussin
  20. Partridge
  21. Pigeon
  22. Goose (try the eggs, these are fantastic)
  23. Quail (and the eggs as well)
  24. Organic Bronze Turkey (I think turkey is a bland unimpressive meat) ... 
  25. Ox Tail
  26. Ox Tongue
  27. Heart
  28. Rabbits Liver
  29. Foi Gras
  30. Duck Liver
  31. Chicken Liver
  32. Kidney
  33. Pigs Liver
  34. Shin (Beef)
  35. Hock (Pigs Shin)
  36. Ostrich (South Africa, Germany and UK)
  37. Springbok (South Africa and UK)
  38. Kudu
  39. Ostrich Egg
  40. Squid
  41. Cuttlefish
  42. Octopus
  43. Oyster
  44. Snails
  45. Wagyu Beef
  46. Pigs Ear (at a Heston eatery)
  47. Black Bacon (sometimes called Treacle or Beer Bacon)
  48. Truffles
  49. Wild Sumac
  50. Caviar
  51. Roe (Lumpfish, Salmon, Cod)
  52. Lobster
  53. Oodles of different Fish
  54. Worms
  55. Crickets
  56. Black Pudding from UK, Germany and France ... they are quite different
  57. Rabbit
  58. Veal
  59. Squid Ink
  60. Ox Cheek 
  61. Wild Duck
  62. Duck Eggs (these are adorable)
  63. Frogs legs
  64. Camel

Now if you have eaten around our house and recall something else please do remind me.

*Country if not in the UK


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