Having a Policy Policy ...

After seeing a couple of different organisations I am affiliated with recently churn out two quite different policies. I have to decide if mine is a life of purpose, decision and democratically won independence. Or is it a policy driven life, one driven by mediocre dictats decreed in ambiguous terms.

So with this in mind, I feel that it is time for Andrew to have a policy policy, one that covers how I will engage with any policies that come my way.

Policy Receipt Policy

When a new policy is generated by any organisation I am affiliated with, I will:
  • Read it
  • Rate it according to
    • Usefulness ... does this policy actually serve a real purpose or a supposed administrative notion (Scores 0 to 5)
    • Rear end value ... does it cover my rear or that of those I affiliate with (Score 0 if it covers their rear, 5 if it is my rear and 3 [for example] if it is actually covering both ends)
    • Ability to follow ... if it is so protracted that everyone exposed to it is likely to be in breach of the policy (Score 0 if fraught with danger, 5 if fair and is unambiguous)
  • Calculate the score based on (U+R)*A, where the higher the score the greater a damn I will give (max 50, min 0)
Policy 'give a damn' policy

Using the Policy Receipt Policy score, I will rate my giving a damn about any given policy based on the following results:

  • 0 only, express amazement at such drivel
  • <10 a="a" and="and" apply="apply" derision="derision" evil="evil" explore="explore" generated="generated" has="has" li="li" monstrosity="monstrosity" nbsp="nbsp" such="such" what="what">
  • <30 10="10" a="a" and="and" approach="approach" be="be" caution="caution" it="it" li="li" may="may" more="more" or="or" trap="trap" with="with">
  • <=50 (and 30 or more), check if I am mistaken and explore what may have encouraged this policy to have been created.

I know that I need to create a policy to follow the notion of giving a damn and may even need a policy to review my policy policy ... I really know how to have a great time.


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