Iffy auto follow dear RSPCA ...

I am not an advocate of animal cruelty, nor am I an advocate of the same towards humans. Whilst I seldom believe the media, the Private Eye is the sort of paper I have been inclined to take more seriously over the years, satire included.

This article on the alleged current prosecute all stance of the RSPCA does make me wonder. There are better ways to solve issues when it comes to some souls; not everyone lives up to some supposed ideal, rather than help people care for animals it would appear that 'prosecution without grace' is the active position.

Ironically they have made the crown prosecution service look like the good guys in this current campaign. This admittedly takes some doing.

What is amusing and concerning is that as soon as I retweet the 'post' from Private Eye I get a follow from an RSPCA district.

I doubt they give a tuppence about this blog post and I am sure some will have their sensibilities offended by this carnivorous person who actually keeps no animals. Let us see.


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