What does a good ICT school look like ...

Terry Freeman, someone I follow on twitter (@terryfreedman) was asked the question via his blog,

What does a good ICT school look like?

Hmmmm, having seen many, including many that could be considered mediocre. I would answer from a sideways view.

Lets forget ofsted, lets also forget the toys, you may have the latest smartBoard-cum-projector with all the IT gadgets to give a geek blood pressure issues.

From my observation of the attitude of the schools (and colleges) concerned, my biased view is:
  • The teachers have to possess a can do attitude that takes them beyond the IT users mire and offer students 'computing' in its many forms. With the imagination to adapt qualifications, teaching plans and use the many free resources out there
  • Then, the management (or is it leadership) of that school supports this mindset and allows the teachers to enthuse the students with the myriad possibilities that information technology has to offer.
So, what does it look like, look into the eyes and hearts of the teachers.


  1. How about this to start you off http://2012yr6.leverhouse.net/2012/03/06/alien-4/


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