Cursed are the exam factories ....

Watching a friend rant about their eldest child's secondary school on facebook. As an experienced primary school teacher, they are perplexed by the exam factory mentality. Here, a school, an academy, but no better (or worse) than any other, has been busy moving the goal posts. In knowing this soul for the last couple of years, there is incredulous incomprehension at how the school is continually moving the goal posts.

One minute the child is registered for qualification X, then its Y, then suddenly they have completed Z, then are registered for Q, which changes to J.

Now I suspect, by sheer cynical experience that:
  • The school has spotted greater grade potential, 
  • They discover that registration with awarding body A is more risky (worse results) than B
  • The government have now discarded qualification C from awarding body D
  • Qualification E cannot be delivered in time, so qualification F is better (for them not the child)
  • Qualification G has more kudos and can be used in political points scoring
And more the point, all of the above are true at different times in this sorry state.

Has it done your head in yet?


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