In less than 140 characters ...

Tweeted words seldom rhyme, nor keep poetic time, it is all pace, lacking subtle grace.
Microblogging, is it thought jogging, sending noise into the ether, never to return.
Its all noise and endless churn, as the seething masses seem to never learn.

One forty characters, that is all, with so much to say in a space so small.
Shortened links, seconds blink, topics trend, more tweets, resend, resend, resend.
Favourite twits, hashtagged bits, today's hits are yesterday's flits.
Tweeted words seldom rhyme, but why would you, when you have no time.


  1. Hey! I like it (y). I must confess I don't have a twitter account (and I don't have plans on create one) but I recognize the impact of it on society.

    And I wonder if Twitter will be remembered on History books, you know as it was the heartbeat of the Arab Spring.


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