Dumber and down ...

I hate with a passion anything that gets dumbed down in education. Before the politically anal brigade get on their high horse and wave their houmous filled forks at me. Let me get my point across :
  • I have no problem with different levels
  • Therefore, if something is introductory (or level one), say so
But, don't twist a qualification and the skills to meet a framework level that offers approval at the cost of the content and those who will be taking it. It will become worthless in such a short time and those who have been duped, cajoled, press-ganged into taking it presented with more qualification based twaddle for their CV's.

Because school educators want it (well in many cases their senior management), does not mean that the students need it or industry appreciates what is on offer.

When I entered education in 1996, on my first day I had a colleague (of that time), explain to me the GNVQ. With only a couple of hours experience I said "what a mess", the colleague in question became all huffy and if memory serves said "teach it, then say that", in spite of getting the students to gain better results (on the exams ironically). I vowed to ensure that that qualification would never take over at level three. Fortunately by the curriculum 2000 initiative it was already dying out, a victim of a new government (does history repeat itself).

Now alas, we are seeing an about turn, lauding high standards in examinations but helping meaningless dross become a staple of education. They may have targeted a range of qualifications that should have never been included in schools but encouraging its replacement with nothing better.


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