More teaching using mobiles ...

Yesterday I had a really inspiring conversation with a centre in the Coventry area. What started off as a major concern, where they were creating the impression that they were using PowerPoint to deliver multimedia (rents out hair in despair) .... turned as it was clear that the first contact was a confused cavalcade of misrepresented whispers.

In the end, it was clear that not only were they using many interesting tools, the culture focused on their students having the tools in their pockets. With iPhones and various android incarnations being the tool of choice for this unit.

With so many free apps and the freedom to express themselves, the centre was doing what many in the world of media have been (for a while), using the multimedia power of the pocket. With a couple of spare digital cameras (just in case) they had overcome the emotional barrier of mistrust. Understanding how to communicate responsibility to their students whilst leveraging an IT investment beyond their budget.

Please, can we have more centres like this.


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