Read the friggin manual ...

Or better still let me Google that for you?

A personal frustration is when you get inane questions, often wanting you to do the job for them. After a couple of quick 'googles', I can find the answer, its sort of "not difficult". Yet some numpties in the teaching profession will ask the question and then show an almost genuine amazement that there is an answer out there.

My fave is "I can find nothing on this" ... funny, I can. Or, I would like some resources on ? Three minutes of superficial searching and blow me, I find stuff.

Maybe I come from a outdated mindset, where one can both think and search at the same time and if there is nothing, use my modest brain to come up with something entertaining.

What worries me is that somewhere in the UK, these souls are being let loose on our offspring and trying to teach them ICT.


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