Not Costabucks ....

I have an addiction to coffee, but can cope with strong tea,
My addiction, means I dislike costabucks dishwasher pee.
Scoop it out of the cup, serve it to me raw,
One lump or two, coffee that comes tall.

I don’t care if its ethical, local or from afar,
I like it if its been in the monsoons of Malabar.
Mountainous joy, best served blue,
Even from a kitty’s bum, I like that too.

Great barista what wisdom can you give,
How much coffee a day, please filter it through a sieve.
Can I have it small, give it to me large,
Make sure it comes in a mug the size of a barge.

Adorable aroma, wafting, call me,
The smell of coffee, o’ how I adore thee.
From Arabia this joy,
If I had my way, coffee should be free.

Turkish, Greek, Italian or Dutch,
Each coffee flavour I like, can you have too much?
But those granules, with passion I abhor,
Why o’ why, will people drink coffee that tastes like sweepings from the floor.

Subtle but grand,
I enjoy my mahogany sand.
Morning, noon or night, its all food for me,
After all I have an addiction to coffee,
But can cope with strong tea.
My addiction, means I dislike costabucks dishwasher pee.

After all, it is a matter of taste.

*This will not be sponsored by anyone that boils their coffee into granules.


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