Its all lies, honest guv ...

How do you get things done in the organisation you work, do you tell them everything, or just what they need to know?

When getting two different organisations to work together, for a common good that they cannot comprehend. Do you match each aspect of their corporate persona and ensure that both entities are in unison. Or tell big whopping lies to each party, encouraging them to believe that the other party has similar thoughts to them.

Well do you, or should you.

Now children lying is bad and is likely to incur a smack on the wrists. So, if this worries you, don't lie. But in an educational world, where you often encounter entrenched narrow minded views of the world based on some long lost perspective. Then my best advice is dust down porky pies machine and make sure that whatever you say can always be linked to the truth.

In reality it is never a case of lies, but be careful as to the truth you share. Often neither party can handle the entire truth, so giving them enough information to digest without choking is the best path. So if the one party asks what the other thinks, tell them good things, even if they are actually totally ambivalent.


  1. Agreed, but then Machiavelli is my middle name - nothing like lobbing in a couple of grenades and sitting back :-)



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