The worst kind of lazy ...

There is a industry out there, feeding off of the fact that many educators at secondary and tertiary level are so busy that they lack the time and often the confidence to create their own assignments for some qualifications.

Some of the resources are good, some average and the majority just plain awful. Having written some for well known publishers, I wouldn't be so deluded as to believe that my contribution is outstanding. But as for some of the drivel I have seen, I could say that my confidence has not been particularly undermined.

Please beware, after what I have been shown via a member of my national team today, do check the quality of the assignments you may be considering using. If they are anything like that which has insulted my eyes, I can foresee a centre in pain as they will be unpicking a messy situation.

Using the assignments of others, without checking (we call it verifying) them is the worse kind of lazy. Whilst it is dull and uninteresting, this process is designed to protect educational establishments from this issue.


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