Thinking not drowning ...

Most who know me, know that I swim most days, averaging about 2 kilometres a day, around 10 kilometres a week. I have been active for around five years (ish) and can keep up with most in the fast lane at our local pool, sometimes having to yield for the fitter (which means even faster).

One thing one learns is that it takes time, I average 45-48 mins for this distance, which is pretty reasonable, as you cover 80 lengths in a 25m pool. Faster I could do, but to maintain the pace, this seems to work best.

At this point, I would guess that you are wondering why you are sharing this.

I have to dig out some of our older pictures, they will be somewhere, they show me as a much larger soul. Wearing XL or 2XL shirts etc, it was hard work, you don't shed weight easily. My choice was a calorie controlled diet with slow increase of exercise. My intention was to keep it up, with the exercise being the pressure valve and encouraging better cardiovascular performance.

Am I fit, well I am a lot fitter, I am rarely breathless, recalling times when climbing flights of stairs were becoming an issue.

But another benefit (coupled with a change in career direction), is the time to think, swimming once mastered is not difficult. Part of the reason I can only go for about 45 mins, is the simple fact that any longer and I may go nuts. Here you are now in a world where you are often simply thinking, counting (laps), breathing, swimming and not drowning.

For those who need prayer time, me time, cerebral time and space to contemplate, its difficult, it requires discipline. I cannot pretend to possess this, but swimming, it does not take long, normally by the 10th length, your mind will wander. Now you have a fantastic opportunity to use this time and let your mind go where you wish it.

Before you ask, yes it is my personal time, I do spend it with God, I am a christian, have been for almost 26 years. Having made innumerable mistakes, this is one that works for me, you can easily get into a space with God, in prayer, contemplation or thought. No, I don't take a bible with me, nor do I prepare some special scripture, meditation or homily. Life has enough to consider, friends, family and wider issues, they are all covered, after all I have all week.

Now the only question I ask, is in the noise of the day, is there a time, that you can use to your benefit, amidst the chaos with God?


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