The fresh smell of paint ...

Chatting to a friend of my children who are at 'college' age, they shared their recent experiences as a student watching their college get ready for their impending ofsted inspection.

I asked them what they thought of it all, a reasonably eloquent soul, they noted two interesting facts:
  • Suddenly their tutor turned up, turned up on time and stayed for the entire lesson.
  • The cosmetic change to their college campus, with the obvious fresh smell of paint and other superficial features (like clocks and new carpet).
When I visit centres in a different capacity, I am personally amused by those centres that give me the rhetoric and flannel. I look at a wide range of provision and can cause them some considerable emotional damage in a process that feeds into the world of ofsted. Whilst my role has no comparison, many senior managers make the mistake of underestimating the experience of the soul sitting across the table from them. Often putting their foot in it before their teaching staff get a chance.

So much money spent and little to show for it.


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