LinkedIn clues ...

Something that fascinates me about LinkedIn is how it gives me a subtle insight into the behaviors of others. Unlike Facebook, you can see not only the soul, but whom the soul connects to, what their connection may do and whom they work for.

Hmmmm, this is sort of like telling everyone what you may be up to in your professional life. So, as a potential competitor, I may just get an idea of what you are up to. In fact, I can tell if you are looking for a new job, improving your prospects or worried about your current position.

Now, you can control this and set various rules on LinkedIn, just like Facebook now also offer, its not particularly difficult. If you find me and become my professional contact, you will struggle to see who my other contacts are.

In fact, anything I share via LinkedIn, is what I wish to be public, like this blog post.

So, if you are a cynic, you would think that I am grazing LinkedIn getting an idea of your affairs, to be frank if I was, would I share this, and double-bluffs are far too easy.


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