Members of the escape committee, please confer ...

Do you feel that you were part of an escape committee at sometime in your working life. When you worked in an organisation, that somehow was eating you from the inside?

The hard part is knowing when to dig the tunnel and make that dash, before its too late and the stampede starts.

In the escape committee, there are an array of characters :
  1. Some that talk escape but never do anything
  2. Those too emotionally entrenched to escape
  3. The inmates who help others to escape
  4. Some that make vain attempts, which never amount to much
  5. The unfortunate that escape to a worse fate and may return
  6. Then the ones who think it through and actually escape to better pastures

So, who am I in all of this and more importantly, who are you?

If you are genuinely happy(ish), where you are, you will not understand what this blog is about. But many I encounter in further education, seem to fit categories 1-5 or are otherwise so immersed in the life politic and corporate culture that they cannot understand what many others may be enduring.

The real risk is to wait, especially in an inspection driven culture. Now you are tainted by your last success or failure of the organisation you work for. When anywhere jumps downwards in the slippery slope of the grading system, albeit the grade of whom they currently work for, it does not take much effort for prospective educational employers to form a view of why you may be leaving (fair or otherwise).


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