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If you have not read an open letter in today's Guardian, you must.

In part of our new esteemed Ofsted Cheif Inspector's recent speech is his Victorianesqe view that phones are not of the classroom.

Ahem, let's think about this for a nanosecond, you have these wonderful computers in the pockets of most school children where you can teach a range of skills including programming (which his bosses, the current Education Minister and Prime Minister are advocating).

Apart from the subject of programming, we have a notepad, a Dictaphone, a GPS, an array of applications, a camera, a video camera and much more. With the obvious internet capability we have the ability to link many of the learning environment tools into the students pocket. Even better THEY ALREADY DO, Moodle amongst others are mobile compatible.

This is like the well known possible urban myth of the student, after the teacher writing on the whiteboard retrieved their phone and took a picture so they could do their homework only to be disciplined for having a phone in class.
For our youth this has been second nature for some considerable time, these tools in their pocket are an extension of their engagement with learning. They do it at home, out, about and also; 'shockingly' in school.

We can also take the view, that in this publicly cash strapped era, we have this technology being paid for by parents everywhere.

This current article in the Guardian is not the first, you can also see others sharing similar views from last year.

So, dear Chief Inspector, there is a world called the 21st Century, may I invite you to join in.

This is not the sum total of my views, only an expression of my current ire.


  1. This cracked me up, you must tweet this

  2. I don't think we should let them have pens either as they might graffiti something horrendous on the wall


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