Worse than Pascal .... COBOL why?

Last week I learned that there is a university (probably not the only one) that includes at least four weeks of COBOL in their undergraduate programme.

Just in case their students may encounter the need to write code on a legacy system.

In sixteen years of teaching and having reached thousands of students, I know of only one that has a job working in this capacity. So, it must be good then, surely not.

Often it is a case of the academic (or teacher) in question foisting the programming on the hapless student to assure their own need to retain legacy skills rather than apply effort in learning a new language.


  1. At least COBOL was a real language, not one invented to teach programming and then used to write some dodgey apps to pretend that it had a use. Though what you could learn in just 4 weeks about any language is beyond me.
    This does highlight that what a student gets presented with in a class at a university could be based on the whim of their lecturer and not anything tangible. Which can also then by association impact the reputation of more reputable institutions.


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